Name: VuDu Legends (VL)VuDu Legends Issue 1 Cover
Started: Some time ago…
Type: Fantasy, Dark
Pages: Ha!

Overview: VuDu Legends takes place in New Orleans and revolves around the actions of the current VuDu practitioners. Although they have to hide in the beliefs that VuDu is bad they are only there to benefit the living world and protect them from the many threats to their supposedly peaceful lives.

Premise: After being taken in by VuDu’s highest family and being trained in the art of VuDu, KC becomes the Damu, assistant to the next Witch Doctor. Her loyalty to the people of New Orleans is challenged when a creature, formed from the Darkness, vies for her power.


Name: Ashleigh Davenport
Born: April 26thAshleigh Davenport

I want to first, thank you for visiting my web page and even taking the time to surf through the extra pages.

I have been an on and off artist for as long as I could remember.  It wasn’t until I sent my script for VuDu Legends to the copyright office did I realize, “What I have going on in my mind will not show up on paper.”  I figured I would find someone else to do what I was not very well trained to do.  It took almost three years but, I found Michael on Odesk.com, and it was on from there.  After countless reference pictures, Easy Paint Tool Sai tutorials, and 187 hours of relearning what the buttons in PhotoShop were, I was able to add WORD BUBBLES!  Don’t laugh I am very proud of myself 🙂

Well, again thank you for visiting my comic and I hope you enjoy.

header-michaelMichael Natividad

Images speak where words may fail.

Hi to all. I am John Michael B. Natividad. I’m known in the business world as Michael Natividad, comic and manga artist. I live in the Philippines where I was born in San Juan City, Manila on the 8th of May, 1991. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed watching anime, reading anime and comics, and am a casual RPG game player.  These activities are my hobbies, but my passion and livelihood is drawing.

The love of art runs deep within my family’s bones. I have many family members who have a great appreciation for the world of art, but I believe my gift came from my father. He is an interior designer and a master in his own right. As a young boy, I remember my him working diligently, creating his masterpieces for all the world to appreciate. Although my art has manifested in a different way, I believe that his creative spirit is also mine.

I am a self-taught artist. I embrace the traditional comic and manga styles with an added twist of impressionism thrown into the mix. Others say my work ebbs and flows through each panel; a transitional wave progressing page to page. To me, my art style and graphic perception are heavily influenced by a manhwa artist for game Magna Carta, Hyung-Tae Kim. His art is akin to mine and how mine may be perceived as his technique has laid an impression on my own.

Another great artist yet exists and he, too, ignited my heart with a flame of desire to pursue my passion in art. After college, I met Sir Harvey Toliboa at a comic convention. His love for the drawing was the encouragement I needed to put myself out there and to focus my sights on becoming a success in the comic art industry.

In the beginning, when I decided to choose art as a career, I was a conceptual artist. Finding this line of work unsatisfying, I became a freelance artist and established my own online-based business with its ever-growing clientele. My business goal is to bring my client’s visions to the visible world; see what is in their mind’s eye and to my greatest abilities, give it a visual life.

While working with Ashleigh’s VuDu Legends, I feel I have created a pictorial world accentuated by textures, flowing form, and graphic appeal. This comic is an amazing concept, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ashleigh by helping her to realize her dream of showing her world of VuDu and all of its diverse characters to you, the reader.

Although I spend many hours drawing for my clients such as Ashleigh, I, like all great artist, have my visions and dreams. At present (and always) I am working on bringing my world into the physical plane to share with you what I envision in my mind’s eye. I honestly cannot wait to share my world with all of its spirit and forms with all who wish to see!

So I want to thank everyone for taking a moment out of your day of work and play to read my bio and do, please, enjoy VuDu Legends by continuing to follow the story and its progress at VuDu Legends.

My name is Cynthia Hudson. I am from Metro-ATL via Dover, Delaware. I have had the privilege and honor to be part of this amazing project and many others with such a wonderfully talented writer and friend, namely Ashleigh Davenport and with the VuDu Legends artist, Michael Natividad. I am the lowly, under-needed editor for Ashleigh who does a great job of creating a visually stimulating world with her elegant use of lyrical phrases and bits of flashy and seductive prose. Michael’s art is a picturesque addition as you would *nd anywhere in the comic world and pleasure for all to enjoy.

I love to read all types of media: comics, graphic novels, as well as multiple other genres of action. I am one of those other “wanna-be writers”; a novelist who has let life momentarily push her dreams aside. I hope to finish my ever-lingering novel within the next year, but if truth be told, I think I have played that song many times before.
Last, but in no way least, PLEASE grab a copy of anything and everything FINAL BEAT COMICS has to offer. YOU WILL BE PERPETUALLY AND PLEASINGLY ENTRALLED!
Au revoir mes amis.