Q: How did you come up with VuDu Legends?

Back in 2012, I was listening to M.I.A.’s Teqkilla featuring Nicki Minaj and thought of dance that I wanted to do with my old dance team. Because of the way it sounded I believed that a voodoo theme would make it look great.  Then it turned to them using the dance to fight off bad guys.  For some reason, a very powerful, dark, and sexy demon came in and seduced the lead dancer.  The song is about 7 minutes long and my mind was full dark romance.  I figured this was best laid out in a story.


Q: Why voodoo?  Isn’t it bad?

I’m from Louisiana and always heard about voodoo from family and friends.  The folktales of my grandparents kept me the most interested.  Voodoo is derived from several cultures and religions and for the most part started out as a good faith ritual.  Charms were used for good like helping your neighbor, good luck, and such.  Plus, getting paid was not the goal.  How bad could it be?  After lots of research, I didn’t find much on the good aspect of voodoo, so I decided to make my own.


Q: Do you have any formal education?

Yes, but not in the least related to art.  Accounting (why did I do that?) and Office Administration. I’m currently attending St. Leo University for business management and marketing management.


Q: Have you thought of making a VuDu Legends video game or cartoon?

Absolutely!  I believe that it would be a great option for any side story to the comic.  Even if it was just a cameo in another game.  Dream Note:  I love Mortal Kombat!  Wouldn’t it be great if KC or Maurice came in to fight along with the other kombatants?  Say, how neat would it be in that new X-ray attack or fatality to have the other character come out to bring bloody glory!  End Dream note.


Q: Can you put my character in your comic?

Not possible now with all the copyright issues that may arise.


Q: Will you accept fanart if so, how do I send you fanart?

Oh yes, please do!  Send it to my Email: vudulegends@gmail.com

You can also send questions or whatever you like there also.

Q: Where else can we find VuDu Legends info?

You can go to http://vudulegends.tumblr.com/, https://www.facebook.com/VuDuLegends, and follow on Twitter @VuDuLegends.


Join KC and submerge yourself in the world of voodoo.